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Don Grady Art
Don, in the studio recording BOOMER, JazRokPop!

Have you ordered yours?

don at piano
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Don Grady Boomer
Don's new CD - BOOMER "JazRokPop," is available at the STORE.

Meanwhile, Don has been writing new songs for the next BOOMER cd.  He's looking for photos of great old couples to go with a music video of his latest song, "The Old Couple."  Below, you can listen to the song.
If you have a photo of a favorite old couple, we'd love to include it in the video!  Please submit the photo, or photos, HERE

Many thanks!



JAZROKPOP [view lyrics]
"This boomer is looking for music to satisfy his middle-aged soul. He doesn't need to funk with the hump, although there's nothing wrong with the funking of humps! Give him something smooth, but dirty talk."

LOVE IS NOT [view lyrics]
"Sometimes I lose touch with what love is. One way of getting back to what it is,
is to remember what it's not

REINVENTING OURSELVES [view lyrics] "Looking for freedom and transformation, we re-wrote the rules back in the 60's & 70's. We're just beginning to do it again."
Don Grady bottom image